headache and update.

Been a while but Im  bored so heres an update. living at my apartment in nelsonville alot. Working at DMK..love the job so far...I mean..the people there are fun as hell and thats what makes the place great. Money is decent too...too bad these days you have to make double what I make to actually have a fun life....I ususally spend my days at my place watching tv...having some drinks...seeing my son here and there during the week...lil guy is getting sooo big..he can now walk around pretty darn good on his own and can crawl now good...he is such a little cute turd......crystal and me have been fighting on and off..the other day was a really bad fight i almost said screw this and broke it off with her..but honestly...i wouldnt even know where to go if we werent togethor. No internet so I go to the library in point alot. blah......Brandon is down here too and we might hang out...nobody ever visits me so its nice to possibly have a friend down here. 
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Cybersix Episodes on Youtube!/instrumental op and end!!!???

Just for anybody who doesn't allready know, www.youtube.com has almost every episode of Cybersix uploaded on it by considerate fans. Also, someone recently posted french opening and ending themes that are instrumental. 
I never knew there was a release of instrumental versions, if anyone has more information please post about it.



I'm going to look around for more information on the "instrumental versions". If I find mp3's or anybody could make some please do. I will probably just make some .wav's with my microphone in the meantime.